Friday, August 7, 2009

Dreams and Fears.

Upon awakening in my TARDIS this morning, I found that I was weak and soaked in sweat. The recent regeneration into a Jaeger has proved to be an unsettling trial of sorts, so I just chalked it up to being nerves and the like. However, upon some meditation in the Zero Room, a dark and sinister voice settled into my mind once more. This hasn't been the first time this has happened since I've met Victor and become House Chancellor...and I fear it will not be the last.

Victor and I have tried countless times to seal my mind from these voices, and from other Time Lords getting into my only works for a certain amount of time...and then it fails, as the voices get stronger and stronger. I fear, soon that they will take me over and then I will be truly lost.

The dreams, have been even more unsettling. Dreams of darkness, pain, suffering. The one last night was worse...I was sitting in a High Council meeting, and all of a sudden, my arms were covered in a black, writhing ooze that didn't hurt, but spread until it covered my entire body. Then the pain set in, as it slowly destroyed me and my genetic matrix. I woke with a scream, my recent companion not being in bed, but probably hard at usual. So here I write my secrets, hoping someone will understand and maybe have an answer for me as to why I cannot sleep and cannot think...



  1. I thought we were rid of this - do you know what it is?

  2. *perks up from her desk* Even Victor is perplexed as to what it is, I don't know either...and I'm afraid to find out what it is outside of my dream.