Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy as usual.

Worked on my home office again. Seems my mate set out three flags for me, two on the wall and one behind my desk. On the left of the desk, he set out the Wulfenbach flag, and on the left, he had set out the Caledon tartan. Behind me, however, was another Wulfenbach flag, which is good. The Baron himself would be pleased that my love at least supports me in this endeavor.

Speaking of the Baron...I haven't seen him since the Steelhead mission. The Captain as well.

I wonder if they're alright during this time of newfound peace.

More later.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Ever-burning Fire.

Met with Lady Kitla yesterday to receive my charm for me and Espah. Seems that her and the captain are brother and sister, possibly by adoption, and they've taken me into their fold. I now have a family...one that I never expected.

Anyways, onto the main problem. Found out that Genie was kidnapped, so I wandered Steelhead looking for the cuplrit. Well...I found him alright, the Baron on my heels as well. Everyone else got to him, and I was the last to arrive, but everyone gave me the credit of finding him. Turns out he's a clone of Emperor SteelCobra, and a damn good one too. Perhaps to close to the Chiss...I'll ask Klaus.

But they found her in Steeltopia and got her out...I was too weak to join them so I sat and watched the prisoner...all's well that ends well..I guess.