Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Old Endings and New Beginnings.

It has ended.

The safety of what I held gone.

And now...I must move on.

Things ended smoothly between Apollo and me, which I'm grateful for. Any longer, and I would have exploded. I did cry a bit when it was over, but as soon as I finished, I looked at my badge that the Baron gave me and made a decision to move forward. For my sake, and the sake of everyone that I love and care about.

Three days ago, I woke up from my slumber and rose from bed when this massive pain in my chest began. Nothing helped, and even Espah tried to alleviate the pain with some energy avail.

Then something interesting happened...I seized up and according to Espah, emitted this bright yellow light from my hands and face. When it was over, I looked in the mirror, and screamed. I had changed appearance totally...

That same day, I landed in Steam SkyCity for the Prop Spinners Night at the Pub. Soon, this beautiful white tiger messaged me in private, and as intrigued as I was, we began to talk. *smiles* He's a complete gentleman...not like the other men I've met in Caledon. We went out last night to see an old friend of mine, and I fell in love.

More tomorrow, as time permits.


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  1. Caladon,

    I have only had good reports on him to date. Congratulations for finding a good man so quickly.